October 31, 2006

Release of Backtrack 2.0 Beta

Some news and some experiences:
mutts and max released Backtrack 2.0 Beta about 2 weeks back. I have not got much time to test it extensively so far. Some inputs from the initial runs:

-It looks even more sexier (very important :)).
-It has latest madwifi drivers. Phew, looks like I am finally relieved of compiling madwifi-ng with every release of backtrack. Very welcome change :)
-Kernel sources with the distribution. Here goes 1 more external module away.
-Replacement of UnionFS by aufs with zlib for modules. This allows for more stuff to be packed in less space. But, it also leaves older modules incompatible (who needs them anyways ;)).

I tried to run it on my thinkpad z60t. My wireless card (Thinkpad a/b/g mini-pci, based on Atheros chipset) came up just fine with madwifi drivers. Monitor mode also seems to work fine. For monitor mode, I had to use wifi0 as source in Kismet configuration, while rest of the networking stuff works fine with ath0.

For graphics, do run 'xorgsetup' while you're in black and white land. It will setup your xorg.conf and doing a 'startx' will take you to the KDE.

So far it looks really cool. Thanks to muts and max. They are doing some neat stuff. Backtrack is already my favorite distribution for any kind of troubleshooting or security stuff. I'll be posting more of my experiences as I get the time to test it more.

Happy Backtracking till then.

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