Liberating Feelings

When I felt that there was nothing else to do and life was complete. I can only remember 2 instance now (those also recent) when it really happened to me: 1 - when I was in Badrinath temple last year and 2 - when I said 'I love you' to my girl :)

Why did I feel like that in Badrinath. I don't know. There was something special in that space, in that time. The whole atmosphere was full of energy and that energy filled me. I felt kind of dissolved into the surroundings. I felt that 'this is it'. This is what we come to live for. Humm. Amazing feeling it was. As you might be tempted to think so, let me make it clear that I am not a mindlessly religious person. I believe in certain ideas of Hinduism and Buddhism, but I don't follow anything mindlessly.

Now the second instance. Feeling liberated after saying probably the most abused sentence of the whole english language? Yeah. For me, it was accepting the fact that I loved someone. It had never happened to me before. I had, in fact, started to think that love will never happen to me. But it happened and happened so beautifully :) I felt very complete instantly. Felt so light.

These were the liberating moments of my life. What were yours? Comment if you'd like to share.

Wishing many more such liberating feelings to us! :)

Manu Garg / / Journey is the Destination of Life.


  1. Manu,

    Let me tell you that I didn't expect this kind of a blog entry from you. No, no; there's nothing wrong about that... Not in a that way, but what I mean is: You writing about such a topic. I guess that's what love can do to a person.

    I AM SO GLAD FOR YOU !!! (Hopefully, the answer was affirmative from the other end).

    Me? I'm still searching, though not actively anymore, and will never be.

    Again, I'm so glad about your "liberation." All the best for your future. Keep having many more light moments, and just keep rocking! :) Remember, "Journey is the destination of life."


  2. Hahaha, I know what you mean. This post is so entirely different from rest of the blog. Thanks for checking in dude ;) Cheers!

  3. Good to see such a sweet blog from you... :) liberating moment of my life was when first time I've heard those lovely words from my 'Mate'and
    even i got the chance to express my love for him...
    I never knew that I had so much beauty within...a beauty that was born the day we met and entwining my heart to him.

    How blessed i am to share a relationship with you who accepts and loves me for who i am.Never would i've dared to dream of finding
    such a sensible,considerate and thoughtful partner.

  4. This came as a pleasant surprise to me. But, I am very happy for you both. Feel liberated forever...


  5. Dude, now that you are liberated , let us imprision few good moments when you return to home ;-) .. don't know when I will feel the same way .. am jealous :-(


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