Backing up Windows machines using rsync and ssh

As all other unix tricks this is also the result of laziness and the need. I wanted to backup data on my windows laptop to a central linux/unix server. I didn't want all the features of available expensive backup solutions. Just a simple updated copy of my data on a central machine which is backed up to the tape daily. rsync is known for fast incremental transfer and was an obvious choice for the purpose.

We have a unix machine at our workplace which has a directory structure /backup/username allocated for backing up user data. rsync has a client/server architecture, where rsync client talks to an rsync daemon at the server side (This statement may not be completely true. I am not sure and don't care also. You can refer to rsync manpage for complete discussion over rsync.). rsync client can connect to rsync server directly or through other remote transport programs like rsh, ssh etc. I decided to use ssh for transport for security and simplicity.

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I would like to hear if it was useful to you.

Manu Garg

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  1. Ofcourse, it is very useful.
    one more thing manu, can I you suggest some tips/articles, where I can find some useful and quick info of UNIX/Linux.. just think me as a fresher. And how much time it will take to become like you (technically strong).

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Only problem in learning UNIX is the mindset that it's difficult and boring. Start with believing that it's fun and all common sense. You can start with "The Art of Unix Programming" by Eric Raymond -- freely available for reading


  3. Thanks Manu. I am trying to change my mindset, but the problem is I am not sticking to one OS, presently my client wants me to work on UNIX, but not sure whether, next project/module might not use UNIX. At that time, I will forget everything. I hope I am boring you with my thoughts.

    The link you have suggested is really fabulous. Treat me as your student, and please send the docs/links/posts whenever you are free. I am in touch with you.



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