I have an idea..

Fellow hackers,

I have an idea of creating technical documentation of Open Source softwares. Technical documentation, essentially meant for developers.

You'll say that there is already a plenty of information. Very true, there is. But the problem is, there is not good information for developers. Most of the information is directed towards users. Few softwares are documented well, while few, rather more important ones, are not. Reason is, most of the open source developers find documentation unimportant. I think this is the human tendency, so no issues regarding that.

But, what about a wannabe, someone who is very interested but is just lost in the source code (I know many of them). They just move out thinking that it's not their piece of cake ;) Won't it be good idea then that a wannabe start his journey into open source with the analysis and documentation of some available nice piece of code. This way he'll get the satisfaction of contributing to open source and at the same time will learn a lot.

I feel that open source community will certainly benefit from this kind of documentation. In fact, this can be a very good beginning for a wannabe. What do you say?


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