April 30, 2008

pactester for Windows

Lately, I have been getting some queries for "test pac files on windows", "pactester for windows" etc in website access logs and emails. Compiling pactester on Windows, though possible, is quite a complicated process. So much so that it's almost impractical to ask users to do so. Since it's a perl script, packaging it for Windows is even more difficult. To avoid packaging difficulties of perl code and now that pacparser is there, I think it makes sense to implement pactester using pacparser. That's exactly what I did in last couple of days, implemented pactester in C using pacparser library.

I have compiled it for Windows and uploaded zipped binaries on pactester downloads page:

Also, to simplify things and as an added bonus to pacparser users, I have decided to distribute this version of pactester (implemented in C using pacparser API) along with pacparser from next release. Thanks to open source that I can do that :)