July 24, 2005

Defeating Firewalls: Sneaking Into Office Computers From Home

How-to Get Into Your Office Computer From Home (..without using VPN)

Ok guys. Last paper went well. Here is the new paper from me. This paper shows how easily you can ridicule the firewalls of your company.

In this paper, I discuss a technique to get into your office computer using ssh tunneling and some other cool tricks. You don't need anything much to implement this, not even an open port on the firewall. All you need from your company is the http(s) proxy which most of the companies do provide.

Here is the problem scenario - "You work with a company 'XYZ'. At office, you cannot access internet directly and you 'browse' internet using HTTP(S) proxy. Back at home, you have an internet connection. You want to access the office computer from home, but you don't have the VPN access." How do you do that? Read the paper for the solution.

Disclaimer: Please use your brain before using this technique. You can be kicked out by your employer for using it. Don't blame me.

Here are the links to the paper:


Let me know what you think about this paper.

Manu Garg

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